Women's Gym Shorts

Women’s Workout Shorts & Exercise Shorts

We have a versatile range of women’s exercise shorts that can be worn both in and out of the gym, on days you want to work out and on those well-deserved rest days. You can trust that our women’s gym shorts offer the comfort, breathability, and style you've come to know and love with Gymshark's workout wear.

Types of Women’s Gym Shorts

We have all kinds of exercise short styles from booty shorts to jogger shorts, cycling shorts to running shorts, high waisted shorts to all-in-one short bodysuits, shorts with pockets to Seamless Shorts and more. We also have a range of colours from subtle hues like grey and black, to bright and bold shades like red, green and turquoise.

Styling women’s gym shorts

Fitness shorts can be styled in many ways and so effortlessly too. Pair your gym shorts with a sports bra and matching crop top on days you really want to show off all your gym progress. Layer with a hoodie or sweatshirt. On cooler days or days you want to chill out, swap your gym shorts for a pair of sweatpants.

Is it better to wear workout leggings or workout shorts to the gym?

Both workout leggings and workout shorts are designed for the gym and exercise. It is your personal preference which you would rather wear to the gym. Workout shorts may be preferred when the weather is warmer.

Can you wear regular shorts to the gym?

It is not recommended that you wear regular shorts to the gym, they won’t be made from the right materials and won’t be the right fit. Gym shorts have been designed specifically for the gym and working out. Activewear shorts made from breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking materials and are crafted to fit your physique to help enhance your workout.

How short are gym shorts supposed to be?

Gym shorts and fitness shorts come in a range of different lengths. The length you choose will depend on the type of activity you’re doing and personal preference. We have a range of lengths available from 5 inch to cycling short length.

Are gym shorts supposed to be baggy?

The fit of your activewear shorts is important. They need to be fitted enough that they fit your physique perfectly, but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable with movement. Our tight gym shorts are the perfect example of this. If they’re too baggy, they could distract from your workout too.

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