The Whitney Simmons Collection

Be your beautiful self. The Whitney Simmons Collection is back and like you’ve never seen it before with our fifth and final collection.

The new Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection consists of 9 new silhouettes and 4 new accessories to join its product offering. It inspires confidence and positivity through not only every workout, but every day. We have new styles, shades and fabrics that encapsulate the latest trends and are ready to progress with you.

The Whitney Leggings are back, but new and improved. Made from the same soft buttery fabric, they’re even more supportive, with subtle contouring and a high waistband that sits flat against your back. Pair this with the new Whitney Short Crop Top and your all set for your workout.

The Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection also has your rest days covered. Crafted from an entirely new ultra-soft fabric, the eyelash knit, the range has been designed to offer unrivalled comfort, because your rest days are just as important as gym days.

Life is a journey we’re all evolving through. With this collection, we’re celebrating progress, change and finding joy in every journey. Cherish the chance to reflect on who you are and who you are becoming. Embrace your own journey and continue to shape the you of tomorrow in the last Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection. Find out more about the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection and what went on behind the scenes.